Rainbow Bridge

Sunshine's Chief of Police-MH

Chief was our 2nd "Man of the House". He was loyal, intelligent, sensitive, and LOVED to hunt.  He was determined and patient in the field (even when he had to teach the puppies how to retrieve, which required 'sharing' the booty). He passed his time in the spring and summer competing in obedience, showmanship, and rally competitions with our daughter. He was a fantastic 4H participant! He also continued doing hunt tests and playing with the kids. In the fall, he enjoyed his many trips to the Dakotas to hunt pheasants. Chief's passing (although he was almost 11 years old) was a sudden, unexpected, devastating loss for our family.  He has a tree in our back yard where he and Sadie will forever rest in peace.   


Sunshine's Baby Sadie-MH

Sadie was our first retriever, a wedding gift from Susan and Steven Scherber of Sunshine Kennels. We picked her out at 5 days old; she was the biggest, blondest, toughest pup in the litter!  My husband, Scott, an avid hunter, decided to try his hand at training and decided to take hunt tests up as a 'hobby'.  With the help of our retriever club and professional handlers in and around our area, Sadie became an instant attention-getter!  Her beauty and grace in the field and water impressed many, so much so that we started receiving requests to buy a pup from her (unfortunately, we had already done the responsible thing and had her spayed :(    She would have had amazing pups, I'm sure!  We learned a lot from "our girl" who was not as eager to share her expertise when "Chief" came along, but she soon tolerated her little brother and they made a great team!

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