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About Us

Coon Island Retrievers is a family-owned hobby dedicated to the responsible training and raising of labrador retrievers. We got our first retriever as a wedding gift almost 20 years ago! My husband, Scott, began learning the 'art' of field training for hunt tests with the help of a few local trainers as well as an area professional dog handler. Over the years, Scott has amateur-trained our four retrievers as well as 'starting' dogs for many local upland bird hunters. He achieved Master Hunter titles with our two goldens and is currently working on the remaining Master passes for our labs. Scott is organized, compassionate, and responsive to individual dogs' needs and sensitivities.

Our dogs are members of our family.  We are not a breeding 'business'; however we recently bred our beautful "Annie" for the first time and we are anxiously waiting to see how her pups turn out!  There are several reasons we decided to breed Annie. First, and foremost, she's an intensely driven and determined hunting partner.  She LOVES the hunt!  She is intelligent and was easily trained. She takes perfect casts and obeys her handler flawlessly.  She earned her Senior Hunter title in the fall of 2011 and started passing Master tests in 2012. She finished her Master title in July of 2013.  Secondly, we chose a mate for her that promises to offer his amazing marking ability, perserverance, and temperament to his puppies. The mating of these two labs is intended to improve the conformation and talent of these lines.  The sire of Annie's first litter is our very own "Koda".  I supposed I'm a bit biased, but I don't think we could have found a better match for Annie :)  Check out the nursery page for updates on Annie's progress!
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